Membership Application

We welcome any Malaysian (aged 18 years old and above) to join MARNet as a member, regardless of gender, race or religion.

MARNet only offers a life membership (ordinary) for those who wish to join as a member (as per MARNet’s constitution, Clause 6). A membership application fee of RM100.00 (a RM20.00 registration fee and RM80.00 life membership fee) is required to become a MARNet life member.

As a MARNet (and voting) member, you will have opportunities to participate in MARNet’s programmes and activities based on the 16 aims that are central to MARNet’s vision, including:

Before completing the form, please deposit a life membership fee of RM100.00 via Bank Transfer (online) or Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) to our Bank Account (RHB) and attach the receipt to the form. Where possible, include “MARNet Membership” as a reference when transferring a fee by online Bank Transfer, and send an email to finance[a], confirming the transaction.

Bank Details

Bank: RHB Bank
Account Number: 2-55104-0001226-4
Account Name: Pertubuhan Jaringan Kajian Tindakan Malaysia

Please do not hesitate to contact the MARNet Committee or Secretariat if there is anything else you would like to discuss. If you have any further questions before deciding whether to join, you can reach us at info[a]

Become A Member

Membership Benefits

Improve and develop your knowledge and skills, and enhance your personal and professional development by conducting action research.

Gain a lifetime membership fee. You don't have to worry about renewing your membership regularly or annually.

Participate in our events, including annual conferences, international webinar series, journal clubs, postgraduate support groups, seminars and workshops, for free or at a discounted fee.

Collect CPD points from your participation in MARNet events, and be issued with a transcript by the end of the year.​

Publish with us in our scholarly publications, including books and a journal, in a developmental and supportive way.​

Apply for awards and grants that are offered for the purpose of conducting and disseminating your action research studies.​

Strengthen your professional relationships with fellow action researchers and international scholars.

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat or fill the form below.

Mrs Nurul Huda Abdul Wahab

Mrs Nurul Huda Abdul Wahab