Nurturing the growth of a promising researcher

Nurturing the growth of a promising researcher

It was towards the end of last year when I was approached by Muhammad Fitri Ahmad, a PhD candidate from Warwick University, United Kingdom. Fitri came to seek my help and guidance with his research endeavour, “Exploring Digital Video Use in Student Teachers Collaborative Reflection: An Action Research Project at an Institute of Teacher Education in Malaysia.” Little did I know that this unexpected encounter would lead to a transformative journey of mentorship and collaboration that would shape Fitri’s academic growth and bring significant impact to teacher education in Malaysia.

As Fitri shared his research aspirations with me, I was immediately struck by his enthusiasm and passion for educational innovation. His eagerness to make a positive impact in teacher education was evident, and I knew that I wanted to be a part of his journey. With his background in the twinning programme between the Teacher Education Institute and an overseas university, Fitri brought a unique blend of local and international perspectives to his research. Recognizing the potential in his diverse background, I was determined to provide the guidance and support needed to nurture his growth as a researcher.

Our mentor-mentee relationship began to blossom, and I found myself not only guiding Fitri academically but also becoming a critical friend and collaborator in his research project. Fitri’s dedication and open-mindedness made our discussions fruitful and engaging, as we delved into the complexities of his research topic and explored innovative methodologies.

One of the most rewarding aspects of mentoring Fitri was the opportunity to involve my students in his study. Fitri’s research aimed to explore the use of digital video in student teachers’ collaborative reflection, and my students became active participants in this endeavour. They embraced the use of digital video as a reflective tool, and Fitri’s guidance empowered them to engage deeply with their teaching experiences.


As Fitri progressed on his research journey, I witnessed his growth as a researcher and educator. My role as a mentor and critical friend involved providing constructive feedback and encouraging Fitri to critically examine his work. Together, we refined his research approach and strengthened his arguments, instilling in him a sense of confidence and pride in his research.

The collaboration with my students became a source of inspiration and motivation for Fitri. As he saw their enthusiasm for educational research and the potential impact of their reflections, his passion for his work deepened. Fitri’s commitment to his research and the involvement of my students in his study exemplified the power of mentorship and collaboration in fostering academic growth and engagement.

As Fitri’s research journey continued, I could see the potential impact of his work on teacher education in Malaysia. I strongly believe his thesis had the potential to inform teacher training programmes, influence pedagogical practices, and inspire further research and innovation in educational technology.

Receiving the letter of recognition from Fitri’s supervisor was both humbling and gratifying. It served as validation of the invaluable role I played in shaping Fitri’s research journey and nurturing the growth of a promising researcher. The letter highlighted the positive influence of my dedication, guidance, and support on Fitri’s academic journey and underscored the significance of mentorship in academia.

In conclusion, my unexpected encounter with Fitri towards the end of last year has led to a profound journey of mentorship and collaboration. His dedication and enthusiasm for educational research, combined with my guidance and support, have brought about significant impact in teacher education in Malaysia. The involvement of my students in Fitri’s study exemplifies the power of student engagement in educational research.

As Fitri’s journey continues, I remain committed to supporting the next generation of scholars and fostering scholarly collaboration. Our mentor-mentee relationship has been a rewarding experience, inspiring me to continue dedicating my time and expertise to nurturing the growth of young researchers like Fitri. Together, we are shaping the future of teacher education in Malaysia and beyond, one research endeavour at a time.