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MARNet Repository opened its digital doors in 2022, in an effort to organise and provide access to the growing number of collections with publications on action research. The repository is part of our goal to promote excellence in conducting action research and evidence-based work. We are committed to curating and disseminating the work of diverse authors from around the world.

Our Collection


PhD Theses

Recently added - Philosophical inquiry approach in the civic and citizenship education in a Malaysian secondary school


Master's Theses

Recently added - Penggunaan permainan interaktif dalam pembelajaran matematik awal (nombor) bagi kanak-kanak empat tahun


Action Research Books

Recently added - Emancipatory and Participatory Research for Emerging Educational Researchers


Action Research Handbooks

Recently added - The Wiley Handbook of Action Research in Education, The Action Research Guidebook, & A Handbook for Exploratory Action Research


Educational Research Books

Recently added - The International Handbook of Teacher Ethos: Strengthening Teachers, Supporting Learners


Journal Articles

Recently added - The implementation of a bakery sales project during the COVID-19 pandemic to improve the employability of Semai indigenous students

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